THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS OF VITAL IMPORTANCE AND MUST BE READ BEFORE REGISTRATION (Please read carefully and then click on Registration button at bottom of page)

  • All athletes and spectators MUST abide by the Rules on the Day as follows
  • You will be given an Arrival Time on your athlete letter. PLEASE do not arrive before that time.
  • PLEASE do NOT arrive if you or any of your household are showing any signs of the following :  High Temperature, Persistent cough, Loss or change of Taste or Smell.  You will be asked to declare you are symptom-free and a Temperature check will be made BEFORE you are allowed in to the venue.
  • You will also be asked to confirm you have not travelled from a UK LOCKDOWN area or a country on the Foreign Office restricted travel list
  • On arrival you need to Register by going through the main entarnce and confirm all contact details.  If your +1 has not registered or is different from the name who did then please ensure you get that corrected at registration
  • if you arrive with more than 1 Additional Person, and that extra person is not your Coach (who has pre-registered), then unfortunately they will not be allowed in
  • COACHES must have pre-registered by 6pm Fri evening or you will not be allowed in
  • A maximum of 200 people are allowed in the Stadium at any one time so your arrival time will be strictly adhered to
  • Please LEAVE the venue as soon as your competition and warm Down are finished
  • There will be Designated Areas for coaches and Spectators for each event - please stay in these areas and observe the 2m Rule at all times
  • The 2m rule will be applied in all areas of the Arena.  Please ensure you keep to this especially when spectating.  Do not lean on barriers, etc
  • A HIGH JUMP Warm Up area will be identified.   Please use only this area!
  • Please follow the signs when walking to and from the events
  • No food or water will be available so please ensure you bring these with you
  • Take your litter home with you
  • Toilets will be available i but you must wear a MASK when you enter the building
  • Hand Sanitiser will be available at the event site but we suggest you also bring your own
  • All Competition Areas will be cleaned and sanitised as per EA requirements
  • No SPITTING or CLEARING YOUR NOSE will be allowed - this is deemed unsafe and a potential cause of infection and will initially result in a warning followed by disqualification
  • ENJOY the competition, STAY SAFE,  Safe journey home.  See you next time

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