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What Options are there for payment?


You MUST pay at the time of entry on the Entry4 Sports site or your entry will be not be accepted.  If you are on the Waiting Lists you will still need to pay but if you are not moved into an event your fee will be reimbursed

the day after the Meeting


How will my entry be confirmed?


Once you have entered and paid you will see an "Order Received" notice on their site.  You will also be sent an email.  


What is the Closing date for registration?


07.00 Monday 20th May 2024


Will I have to pay even if I do not compete?


YES.  All entries will need to be paid for.  No Refunds will be given unless you are on the Waiting List and are not moved into an event.   NO REFUNDS will be given for withdrawals or any other reason.


Will the meeting be held under UKA or WA rules?


Under WA/UKA Rules


When will we know what time we are competing?


Final information will be emailed to all competitors after the entry closing date giving times and details of when to report, etc.  It will also be posted on the web site!


Is there a limit to the number of events I can enter?


NO. But please be aware of potential clashes as we cannot guarantee that your event pools will not clash or overlap.  If you enter 2 events please let us know at time of entry which is your main event and we will do our best to accommodate you.  


Can my Coach get in free?


YES – Only one coach per athlete and only the one listed on Power of 10 will be accepted for free Coach Accreditation.  They need to register for Coach Accreditation by Tuesday 21st May via the link on our Website and bring their Valid Coaching Licence with them on the day to show at the Spectator Entrance.   Other coaches with a valid licence will be able to enter by paying the concession price on the day.


What are the rules about kit?


You may wear any kit so long as it conforms to WA and UKA rules.


If I am on the WAITING list, when will I know for certain that I can compete?


Waiting lists will automatically be activated when an event is full.  You will still need to pay but if you are not successful then this will automatically be reimbursed on the day after the Meeting.   If we are move you into an event your name will be added to the Entry Lists/Pools.   When this happens you will receive all the event details via email.


Will there be a Physio available?

There will be one Physio this year and there will also be an Ambulance and Paramedics in attendance.


Will I be able to take my mobile phone / IPod / MP3 into the arena?


NO – all mobile phone/IPod/MP3/ear buds, etc will need to be left with your Coach/Family/Final Call for safekeeping until after your event.  Anyone found with these in the Arena may be disqualified from the competition.


Where will I be able to see results?


These will be displayed on the back of the PhotoFinish Cabin as soon as possible after the conclusion of each event. You will also be able to look at Live results on the Entry for Sports site and a QR code will be posted in

the Stadium for you to access this.   Full results will also be published on our web site and sent to Power of 10 after the event.


How can I book accommodation?


There are a number of hotels you could use near the track in Oxford.  All are relatively expensive so look around the area.  There are a number of Travelodges and Premier Inns close by.

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