We Remember Them : 2016/2017


I would just like to take this opportunity to remember some people who have sadly passed in the last few months.

Mike Smith:  The great coach from Southampton.  An amazing man, a great teacher and a legend who shaped our sport.

Mike Dolby: A man whose passion for High Jump knew no equal.  So many athletes were encouraged to take up this great sport.  He will be sadly missed


Philippa Roles:  Two time Olympian.  A life cut short.  But whose memory will always bring a smile to all who think of her.  A lovely, sassy woman.


Germaine Mason : A future un-visited.  34 is no age to pass, but his legacy will live on.  He kick started high jumping into the modern era.  A great man.  A kind man.  He will be missed.


Manchester:  And finally we turn our thoughts to Manchester.  As a nation we will all pull together and celebrate our openness and kindness.  To reflect our common bonds.  We are a great nation.  Nothing will change that.

So may I take this opportunity to have a minute to reflect and remember our dear friends who have passed.

                                                                               Fuzz Caan  (on behalf of BIGish 2017)

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