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An invite to everyone who has made BIG great


BIG 30th 


Welcome back to the BIG Family   


We are really pleased that you are going to join us on the 25th May to celebrate our 30th Anniversary.

Please can you click on the button above to register so I can send further details to you.

A few notes for your information :

1.     There will be no entrance fee for you plus 1 guest but a donation to our BIG LEGACY FUND (details below)                     would be appreciated.  There will be a jar at the entrance gate.

2.      If you bring more than 1 guest with you I am afraid they will be asked to pay the concession price of £4.   

         As at all BIG events we have no sponsorship or financial help from anyone.

3.      Zena Weeks, a qualified Chef who has written recipe books on Food for Performance Athletes, and who many             of you may remember from her days at EA, is doing all the catering this year and she will have great food on                sale in the Cafe upstairs.  There is also a lovely Coffee Van.

4.        We will have seating on the Balcony so you will have a place to meet up and chat with old & new friends.


5.        We are holding a BIG Raffle this year to kick start our BIG LEGACY FUND which we will be announcing at BIG.                This has 2 aims :


  1. To be able to help Athletes with serious medical conditions to access a Private Consultant if they have no other funding or medical cover.                              

  2. To give a small donation to assist Coaches with their expenses when travelling as a personal Coach to work with their athlete at a major Championship.   


More details to follow but this is a start.

With this in mind if any of you have anything you could donate for this raffle please let me know and I can

add it to our growing list of prizes.

6.        At some point in the afternoon we would like to do a "Parade of the Stars" and hope you would be willing to

            join in.


7.        Finally, we are going to have a Memorabilia area so if you have anything you could add please let me know.                 You will, of course, be able to take anything you add to the area away with you afterwards.       


I am looking forward to a warm, sunny day with some amazing athletics to watch and lots of incredible stories as

I catch up with old friends.




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