31st MAY 2021

Welcome to BIGish 2021.  In these very strange and uncertain times we are awaiting clarification on the number of Spectators who will be able to attend the meeting on the 31st.   Therefore, until further notice, we are asking for the details of a maximum of 2 Additional Adults per athlete to be entered at the time of Athlete Registration.  We will be required to record the details of ALL people in the Stadium for Test & Trace purposes.  Should this change you will be notified when the Final letter is sent out. 

N.B.  Only 1 pre registered Coach per athlete will be allowed.


40.00m(W) / 42.00m(M)

2 comps - max 14 per comp


45.00m(W) / 50.00m(M)

2 comps - max 14 per comp


1.55m(W) / 1.75m(M)

4 comps - max 14 per comp


5.40m(W) / 6.30m(M)

3 Pools - max 14 per pool


10.60m(W) / 12.40m(M)

3 Pools - max 14 per pool 


11.00m(W) / 13.00m(M)

2 comps - max 14 per comp


42.50m(W) / 60.00m(M)

2 Comps - max 14 per comp

  • BIGish 2021 will be run in line with Government & England Athletics Requirements and will be held within a Covid safe environment

  • Entry site will be open as soon as we have the go ahead from Bedford Stadium

  • Standards for all events are as stated above and on the Standards Page.

  • All competitions may be mixed and will be seeded after the closing date

  • THROWS - All athletes will throw with Senior weights except UKA / EA invited U18 & U20 athletes  who will be allowed to throw with their own weight implement.  

  • To enter and find more information click the Athlete Info button below

  • Closing Date  - Sunday May 23rd (or whenever fields are full)  

  • RESERVE Lists will be activated when events are full

Due to a lack of confirmation from Bedford Stadium we are delaying opening the entry site.  We are sure this will come in the next few days but are playing safe at the moment!!!  

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