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BIG 2024 Entry Information

On this page: Terms of Entry | Entry Standards | Entry Links

Entry Information  
Entries will open at 09.00 on Monday 15th April 2024  
and close at 08.00 on Monday May 20th 2024 or earlier if the event is full
Waiting lists will run until the 24th May at 08.00

We should now be up and running for Entries.  Apology for the delay

The entry link is at the bottom of the page.
Please review entry standards first.
Terms of Entry
Location: Horspath Track, Oxford, OX4 2RR 
Date: Saturday 25th May 2024

U17 athletes will only be accepted if they have reached the standards set.  U18 and U20 athletes on the UKA Long lists will be allowed entry regardless.

All Throws standards are to have been set using Senior weights except in the case of UKA Long List who will be allowed to throw their correct weights.

Competitions will be seeded according to PB's and posted on the Entries Page by the 22nd May.  There will be maximum numbers in all Throws and Horizontal Jumps.  You will need to check carefully to see which Pool you are in.  No changes will be possible.

Please ensure you have paid at the time of registration or your entry will be not be registered on our system so you will not have a guaranteed place.

We cannot guarantee you will be able to compete in more than one event.  We will do our best to accommodate this but Timetabling issues may not allow this - Please ensure we know which is your First choice event by leaving a comment in the comments section of the Entry Form.

No refunds will be given unless the mistake is on our side.

BIG retains the right to refuse or reject an entry at any time. 

Coach registration will open 20th May

Entry Standards
(All Standards to have been achieved since January 2023  - Throws with Senior weights)


Men - 10.75s

Women - 12.00s

Men's & Women's Races

Seeded According to PB

Devonish-MLF 03_edited.jpg

4 x 100m Relay

Men - NS

Women - NS

Entries from Club, squad, regional, national teams accepted - give a name to your team on entry please

Men's & Women's Races

Nathan Douglas 2022_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Triple Jump

Men - 13.40m

Women - 11.20m

3 comps  9m Board, 11m Board, 13m Board - please enter for the most appropriate (and safest! board).  

16 max in each pool

Hammer Picture1.jpg


Men - 50.00m

Women - 48.00m

2 competitions Men & Women.  

14 max in each 

Dina & Montell 2014_edited.jpg


Men - 21.80s

Women - 24.70s

Men's & Women's Races

Seeded According to PB

Robbie Grabarz G11_4150_edited.jpg

High Jump

Men - 1.80m

Women - 1.55m

5 comps seeded according to PB with suitable starting heights for all athletes

Mixed competitions probable.

Sophie McKinnon Shot 2024.jpg


Men - 13.00m

Women - 11.80m

2 competitions - may be Mixed.  

16 max in each pool

Goldie 2014.jpg


Men - 56.00m

Women 41.00m

2 competitions Men & Women.  

14 max in each



Men - 48.30s

Women - 55.00s

Men's & Women's Races

Seeded According to PB


Long Jump

Men - 6.70m

Women - 5.60m

3 comps seeded according to PB's.  

16 max in each pool​

Dan Greaves G11_2972.jpg


Men - 44.00m

Women - 40.00m

2 competitions Men & Women.  

14 max in each pool

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